Crisis or Opportunity? Words from the Chairman in the Coronavirus outbreak
Source: OpenCertHub
”Words from The Chairman” - The Coronavirus outbreak has become an international threat. With the start of a new year, Dr. Toa Charm would like to wish everyone healthy and safe.
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Tech giants joined forces to combat the Coronavirus outbreak!
Source: Nikkei
Coronavirus outbreak in China has caused over 1000 deaths, and over 40,000 confirmed cases nationwide. To contain the crisis, tech giants of China, such as Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, are joining the force in using cloud-based artificial intelligence to robots and deploying their technological power, Massive data to help combat the outbreak.
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Artificial intelligence (AI) - An useful tool in coronavirus response?
Source: Statnews
Artificial intelligence (AI) is implemented to monitor the spread and respond to the rapidly changing situation. John Brownstein, a computational epidemiologist at Boston Children’s Hospital who operates a public health surveillance site called "" that uses AI to analyze data from government reports, social media, news sites, and other sources to generate near-real-time information for public health officials to track its spread.
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OpenCerHub was awarded JobMarket’s Outstanding HR Service Provider Award 2019!
Source: JobMarket
The Employer of Choice Award, organized by JobMarket since 2014, is an award honors the best organizations that have demonstrated superior talent management strategies, programs, and HR best practices. In 2019, many well-known corporations were nominated and won awards in different categories. Among these awarded corporations, OpenCertHub was awarded as the Outstanding HR Service Provider. While many corporations are planning to adopt innovative technology and integrate digital transformation, data literacy among all staff in the corporation has become critical in every industry. OpenCertHub, as an international examination and certification platform, has been active in facilitating different corporations in introducing data talent skill in each corporation.
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Forbes predicts “Data Literacy” will be the most important job skill in 2020
Source: Forbes
As technology develops, the workplaces are also changing rapidly. Some believe that society evolves to embrace the 4th industrial revolution. According to the World Economic Forum, only five years from now, 35 percent of the skills seen as essential today will change. According to Forbes, famous digital futurist, Bernard Marr predicted that 10 job skills would be essential to every company in 2020: The first and most important one is Data Literacy. Pointing out the importance of Data Literacy has become a reality instead of a forecast phenomenon in the future.
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OpenCertHub winning China’s Top 50 Big Data Corporation Award 2019!
Source: LinkedIn
This year, the “World’s Computer Conference 2019” was successfully held in September 2019. OpenCertHub was honored to be awarded in the “China's Top 50 Big Data Corporations”, together with the Chinese tech giants such as Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu, Didi, etc . It is an annual award in the white paper of 2019 China’s Big Data Industry Development 2019 (2019中国大数据产业发展白皮书) which was co-run by Big Data Industry Ecological Alliance of China and CCID Consulting; to nominated top influential enterprise in Big Data fields.
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Data Scientists 將成大熱門搶手職業?OpenCertHub 推大數據技能考試平台,9 張證書自我增值
Source: ePrice
無論你係準備搵工嘅畢業生,抑或係喺職場打滾多年嘅老前輩,有時都可能會想讀多幾個課程,考多幾個證書 / 牌照,好好增值自己。而呢個時候要考慮嘅係,到底現今社會有乜嘢知識技能,係比較有前景?而我認為,大數據 (Big Data) 會係一個大方向,我身邊有位朋友,都自學研究 Big Data。不過,好似我朋友呢啲自學完出嚟,出到嚟見工點證明自己識呢樣嘢?OpenCertHub 就首推 CPFA (Certified Professionals For Apache projects) 大數據技能考試平台,為大數據及開源技術人才認證數據智商,幫助個人職業發展。
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多張沙紙多個晉陞機會,大數據技術人員認證平台 OpenCertHub 啟動
Source: Healthdig
大數據」、「AI」這些名詞成為近年 IT 界大熱,對於業內外人士來講似乎處處都是機遇。現時世界各家龍頭科技公司都在努力招攬這方面的人才,而作為正在從事相關行業或打算投身此行業的讀者們,一個剛誕生的認證平台「OpenCertHub」,大家必定要認識一下。
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OpenCertHub 在港啟動 CPFA 大數據技能考試平台
Source: Konos Note
近年大數據風潮興起,著重數據分析的行業如銀行、金融、酒店、保險等,紛紛採用大數據技術來加速企業的發展和提高競爭優勢。不過,一方面現時香港、台灣、中國以至亞太區均欠缺高質素的大數據專業人才,單是中國,粗略估計已經欠缺 1,400 萬名大數據人才;另一方面企業聘請大數據專業人才時,缺乏行業認受性高的認證來鑑別人才,間接增加人力資源的成本。
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多張沙紙多個晉升機會,大數據技術人員認證平台 OpenCertHub 啟動
Source: Qooah
「OpenCertHub」,是一個針對 Apache 開源項目而設計的大數據技能考試認證平台,日前正式在香港成立。相信大家都知 Apache 軟件基金 (Apache Software Foundation) 是現時全球最大的開源軟件組織,許多世界知名企業,如 Facebook、Amazon、Twitter 等都在使用這些軟件。
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