Why OpenCertHub?
OpenCertHub believes our future lies in democratizing open-source technology to everyone and Data Literacy is the key

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With the vision to democratize data literacy with open-source technology to everyone, OpenCertHub is an award-winning international examination and certification organization delivering open-source skill qualification (CDPOS™) and has won several industry awards in Greater China’s region.

Acquiring international official certification on open-source software skill

Selected leading open-source software skills essential for digital transformation

Award-winning certification recognized by industry

Suitable for non-tech talent to start 1st step in data literacy

Choice of English or Chinese bilingual examination platform

Adoption of latest big data and blockchain technology

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Comprised of a mix of talent, skill, and years of rich experience in relevant industries, the management team provides a solid foundation for the growth of OpenCertHub.
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OpenCertHub's products and services are highly recognized in the business world and have received several industry-recognized awards in the whole Greater China region.






OpenCertHub is dedicated to collaborating with renowned partners such as government association, university, training institute, recruitment platform, data service provider and data talent community - to promote the importance of data literacy together.

Featured Partners

Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association Ltd.
Established in 2003, Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association (RTIA) is a non-profit trade organization, which target to be a united force in the industry to accelerate the development and usage of retail and payment technologies locally and to promote our experience outside Hong Kong.
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To democratize data literacy with open-source technology to everyone


Promote learning and authentication of Open-source software skill for optimizing matching of data talent in our society


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Trust and Respect
Life-Time Learning
Striving for Excellence
Social Responsibility